“F.B.Lie?-Feds bias against POTUS exposed”


Oh it seems to just keep getting more and more clear to the masses that our beloved FBI has been a farce. They have been dishonest, non-transparent, and even going against the law and legal procedure. Weren’t “Special Counsels” appointed to be non- partisan? Too bad at least 9 of the investigating agents in this counsel have donated tens of thousands of dollars to the Clinton’s and the DNC.[ So much for non-partisan.] Let’s also not forget the recently reported information about the FBI counter intelligence agent Peter Strzok, that had been involved with the Clinton investigation, as well as the current-year-long investigation with Mueller’s team on the Trump-Russian “collusion” investigation.

Turns out Strzok, was a key senior investigator that essentially let Hillary Clinton “off the hook”. Altering the language of the findings. With her multiple offenses from: Lying to the FBI, leaking National Security information to sources that were not cleared for classified information, the emails on her private server in which over 30,000 were bleached from her computer, the Uranium One Deal giving over 20% of our Uranium to Russia, the FUSION GPS scandal, to possibly even negligent homicide. I say that last bit because of her awful handling of the Benghazi attack. Where a U.S. Ambassador among other Americans and innocence were killed per Clinton and the State Department’s negligence to the Ambassador’s requests for more security and his warnings of a possible attack. And of course lied as to the reasons for the attack occurring in the first place saying a video of sorts caused it.

Strzok also was involved with the Trump Administration’s investigation on possible Russian collusion during the 2016 Presidential Election until Mueller released him. Though General Flynn and Paul Manafort have been indicted, nothing to this point has pointed to POTUS Trump. Though you wouldn’t know that watching morons like Joy Behar on the VIEW and other leftist idiots on MSM. Turns out, Strzok had many cables between he and his mistress Lisa Page[ also in the agency as their attorney ] that showed he was extremely bias against POTUS Trump, and even more so a strong Hillary Clinton supporter.

The FBI has done this to themselves. They are not abiding the laws, ignoring requests from Congress, granting immunity to people who end up producing absolutely nothing. We had Comey, along with Strzok letting Hillary get away with things that would have any other person in prison. Look at Flynn, plead guilty for lying to FBI. Well Comey stated that Hillary lied to the FBI, not that Comey is credible either. But, it certainly goes to show how the FBI has been extremely corrupted with politics, money, power, and bias. Congress needs to stop pussy-footing around and when they submit these subpoenas, don’t let up! The FBI is not above our justice system, though it may seem so.

FBI acts like they can do whatever they want. Double standards for “special people”, ignoring subpoenas, refusing to answer questions under oath to Congress. Really people? White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer has called for the release of the texts between Strzok and Page. They must be held accountable, they by law must respond to these inquiries from Congress, and the DOJ along with Congress need to keep the FBI under a damn microscope and remind them they are not immune to the law.


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