“Surprise-POTUS Trump declares Jerusalem the capital of Israel”


We already knew it was. But it’s been debated around the world for decades. The struggles between Israel and Palestine. The attacks on Israel. And who does Jerusalem belong to? Well in my opinion it’s always been Israel. But POTUS Trump has “declared it”, which I think is massive and very good for the people of Israel. A promise by past POTUS’s and finally done by POTUS Trump.

His part in this has to do with re-locating the US embassy to Jerusalem for starters. The Left had plenty to say with their normal idiotic ways of scare tactics in the MSM, how this will affect the peace process. Well, idiots. If for that long you don’t achieve anything resembling progress or peace. Try something different. This was a brave move by POTUS Trump. And it was the right thing to do.

Before with the Obama Administration, you heard a lot about the “two state solution”. Now, look at other former and current secular states in the Muslim-dominated Middle-East. It does not work. It hasn’t worked for Israel and it isn’t working for example in Turkey [ one of the very few Middle eastern states with any Christians left ].

Now, of course they’re others who won’t like this. As I just mentioned the failed Obama Administration. But there are more, they’re called Palestinians and Democrats. The Democrats mostly due to hating our POTUS and not wanting him to succeed especially where they haven’t. The Palestinians and other neighboring nations like Iran simply being of Islam, despise Jews and Christians. According to them we’re all infidels. To stay on track, of course there are possibilities of some reactions to this declaration that may be bad.

There could easily be an attack from Palestine, but then again what would be different about that??? The bombings, the honor killings. The Gaza Strip. It’s been a disaster for years. But hopefully a power such as our great United States and POTUS Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem being Israel’s capital will show the world we aren’t playing around anymore. Time to do what’s right. This was a brave decision, and it was a just one. Lastly, it’s common sense.

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