“Don’t be fooled-Left taking “moral high ground”

We’ve been hearing about the many sexual  accusations from Hollywood to Washington D.C. In regards to Washington D.C. , women in the DNC spoke out among others in the Democratic party for Rep. John Conyers (D) and Senator Al Franken (D) to resign after the many allegations and evidence against these two (D) Representatives. Now, though a handful of conservatives like Mitch McConnell called for Judge Roy Moore to step down from his Senate race per his allegations before, recently it’s evident the Left is taking the “moral high ground.”

Not for the right reasons, I spoke before of how they would be able to do this without Political ramifications. Their seats will be easily be replaced by other Dems. I even heard Conyers son may be taking his seat. But it’s been a portrait of sorts being painted on MSM and in the “politisphere.” The Left in doing this makes them appear to be putting party aside and doing what is right.

Now, yes. It is the right thing to do when you’ve been accused of sexual assault and evidence has been presented showing your guilt. But if you think the folks on the Left are making these moves because they’re the “moral party”, you have another thing coming. They have flip-flopped back and forth on this for weeks before finally figuring out their strategy. I personally feel the people of Alabama should decide whether Moore is elected or not to the Senate. But I think though there is not similar evidence like Franken or Conyers, the accusations are increasing and certainly not good. I would much prefer POTUS Trump not endorse Moore. I understand why because of the risks politically. But I think Trump should stay out of this, and conservatives regardless if Roy Moore gets elected or not, should have him removed from his seat.

Conservatives and Republicans, take the moral high ground. Put party aside, and do the right thing regarding Judge Moore. There are other solutions to the issue of losing a seat. The people could do a write-in vote. AG Jeff Sessions could resign from Attorney General and there could be an election between he and (D) Doug Jones.

Now, I certainly don’t want Democratic puppet Doug Jones to get the win. But, I’d rather not elect a man who may have assaulted young women in his past. Again, let’s put country first. Put party aside and do the right thing. And please don’t give any idiotic reasons for people to actually believe that the Left has more integrity. They do not, this is nothing more than a clever political move. Though obvious to me, the masses seem to be buying into it.

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