“Trump & GOP w/ big win-Tax Reform Passes”


Senate votes 52-48, and the GOP finally got a big legislative win along with Donald J. Trump and his Administration. The Left had been digging into POTUS Trump for his “lack of legislative reform success” since being sworn in. This is very big for the Trump Administration and the GOP for mid-term elections and then of course 2020.

This is the biggest tax reform in over 30 years. Sources I have heard give approximately a measure of 90 or more percent of people [ especially middle class $50-$75k ] will be saving by these tax cuts. Only 8% are likely to pay more, and they likely would be individuals making well over $75,000 a year. I’ve heard numbers from middle-class-families saving anywhere from $100-$1000+ dollars a year with this tax reform plan. Senate and the House will be completing their duties by reconciling any last differences before pushing the bill ahead.

Of course the Left also [ especially ass hats like Senator Chuck Schumer (D) ] claims this is “nothing more than a tax break for the rich.” Now they aren’t correct, nor are they wrong. It is not a tax break for the rich in the respects of simply pandering to the rich. They will receive tax breaks, but the majority is going to be only if they’re job creators. The Corporate tax rate would lower and not only would the business owners be able to pay more in wages, create more jobs. But the tax raise for companies sending their jobs overseas will incentivize them to come back to the good old USA. And even if some business owners “keep” the money they save, it would extremely likely go back into the market which still benefits our economy.

Chuck Schumer also said, “This isn’t what the American people need.” What the hell does Schumer or the Left know about what the American people need!?!? They have proven time and time again, over the lengthy Obama Administration which was probably some of the country’s worst years in US history! So the Dems can shut the hell up. Besides, wasn’t it just the other day that Trump reached out for a meet with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? Oh yes, they didn’t show. So you lost your chance there Chucky boy. President Trump reached out to thank the GOP leaders in helping to make this happen. Another step forward in making America great again.


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