“Why is illegal Jose Zarate getting a trial-Found not guilty!?”

Kate Steinle (Left) , killer and illegal alien Jose Zarate (Right).

Jose Zarate is an illegal immigrant that had killed Kate Steinle in northern California in July of 2015. She was shot in the back by Zarate while on a pier with her family. Zarate illegally owned a handgun and claimed it “accidentally went off and ricocheted off the concrete”. [Yeah, that’s still manslaughter assh*** ] Well, Zarate also was deported 5x already, and was a 7x felon. He shouldn’t have been here in the first place, and that is on the people of California and the legislators allowing sanctuary cities all throughout the State. 

He was found not guilty for the murder charge just yesterday evening. However, guilty on illegal possession of a firearm. So now an 8x felon. What I don’t understand is how he was here again to begin with. Oh, that’s right the CA local police wouldn’t give Jose Zarate to ICE for deportation. The Left has been protecting illegals just like this all over the country in these sanctuary cities.

We’ve had rape cases, assault, murder. When MS-13 gang members were busted recently, out of 267, 198 were in the United States illegally. Over 65 of them came illegally as children. So much for the Left’s DACA argument. [ Yes, I know they’re not all bad. ] That’s not the point. Kate Steinle shouldn’t have been shot to begin with. Dead at 32 years of age. And why did Zarate, an illegal with multiple felonies and deportations get a trial with due process as if he were a citizen?!? Illegal aliens do not have rights as an American! Human Rights absolutely, but NOT American Constitutional Rights. That in itself drove me crazy.

POTUS Trump weighed in, he called the not-guilty verdict a” disgraceful verdict”. Hopefully they can either deport this piece of garbage Jose Zarate for good, or lock him up for manslaughter. And we need to rid ourselves of these “Sanctuary Cities”. Either way, the taxpayer shouldn’t have to suffer. Only Jose Zarate should. Also this should help in getting Congress to pass the legislature needed to finally build the wall.

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