“Left goes crazy over Pocahontas joke-Warren takes bait”

“Pocahontas aka Senator Elizabeth Warren (D)

The other day, during a White House event for the Navaho code talkers, POTUS Donald Trump and everyone in attendance all had a swell time. 29 Navajo were recruited to the Marine Corps. in WWII to speak their language as code against the enemy. There was a moment when POTUS and some Navajo gentlemen, while he was honoring the WWII Veterans made a joke. Taking a jab referring to “Pocahontas” meaning Senator Elizabeth Warren (D). He said how he really liked and respected them,”How they were very special people”-“But not Pocahontas.” It was a joke, and I found it quite entertaining.


Now of course the Left, along with Poca, I mean Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, have been all over this “event” as a “Trump uses a racial slur against Natives” narrative. Warren claiming she “would not be kept quiet by a “racial slur”. Guess what Pocahontas? He trolled your white ass as he does to the Left all the time and you went for it. He wasn’t trying to “keep you quiet”. Also, It was NOT even a racial slur. It was a joke, and POTUS is teasing the Senator Ms. Warren when he says “Pocahontas” because she claims she’s of Cherokee decent. Which is not true. If anyone was racist, it’s Elizabeth Warren, taking advantage of affirmative action.

Elizabeth Warren was dumb enough to claim her “high cheek bones” were evidence of her Native background. Wow, really Senator? Lying about being Cherokee when you’re white [ Like flippin’ Casper the friendly ghost white ] , to gain advantages in education and later throughout your career. Now that is insulting to Natives and Cherokee alike. She just couldn’t resist another BS opportunity to call Trump a racist. Trump trolled her, and she did exactly what he expected. Doing what Trump does beautifully, making the Left look even dumber than they already are. Leftists are helping themselves plenty with that as is.

The actual Navajo gentlemen in attendance didn’t seem to care one bit about that joke. They weren’t offended, mad, nothing of the sort. There was some talk of “culture insensitivity” but I will say again anyone being honest knows he was just teasing Elizabeth Warren. Warren is just an idiot, she took the bait.

She looked dumb as usual on MSM. And again she’s the one that lied, being maybe all of 1/36th Cherokee if that. Claiming her high-cheek-bones are evidence of that is just sad and that is something to be ashamed of. Now Poca, I mean Senator Warren, admit you lied on your college application, which advanced your career and you are not Cherokee. Apologize, accept the consequences. Admit you are white. Believe when I say we already know Senator, just do the right thing.

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