“Real truth behind the sex scandals-Political possibilities”

We’ve all certainly heard the news explode all over with sexual allegations and sexual assault accusations. Mostly dominated by the Left and Hollywood, however also in Washington D.C. To be fair people there have been people on both sides that have been accused. But lately the MSM, the Left, and feminists in particular have been taking advantage of this “spill” of past incidents, though many if not the majority are completely outrageous and disgusting, some are getting thinner as we continue this “trend” on MSM and the politicization of it has gotten uglier.

What I mean is though there are men on both the Left and the Right that have been accused, it’s been overwhelmingly on the Left. And as for the feminists, they’ve taken this story by storm and have now made it all about how “all men are evil” and what are ” the good men going to do about the bad ones.” Well, frankly if you’re a good man, such as myself, oh and the majority, have no link to these sexual assaulting scumbags, it’s not our responsibility to “do anything about it.” Now of course I will speak out about how it is wrong. If I was to witness something like that I would step in to stop it. So don’t get me wrong. But it’s obvious when group-think turns what was a serious discussion and issue, into a “reality-esq” type show” where now even things like comments over the phone are being conflated with atrocities like the acts by Kevin Spacey and George Takei raping young boys or Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting young women. The accusations on Judge Roy Moore, Charlie Rose of CBS, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., George Takei, John Conyers (D), and Senator Al Franken (D) among others. Feminists need to realize their fight has been over for decades. This is not about men, it is about pigs mostly out of the slime that is Hollywood, and Washington D.C.’s swamp rats. So stop conflating those assho**s with us!

Doesn’t mean it’s not wrong, or piggish. When Steven Seagal said, “sit on my face” over the phone to some woman, it was wrong. But I think she’ll survive that one. And it’s nothing like the others . Let’s not pull a “1 in 4 on campuses” type BS narrative again. We don’t need to be making this an “all white men” or “all men are evil” narrative. No bullshit about “male toxicity”.  These accusations of late all over MSM are only proof it’s indeed become a “trend” and it isn’t being done for the right reasons. And as for the United States having a rape culture? Which we do not people. It is not OK by anyone’s standards in this great country to commit those types of atrocities. Feminists, you want to see a rape culture? Go to the Middle East. Anywhere Sharia Law is enforced, have fun.

Now, as to the politics behind it all. Like I said, it has been majorily Leftists politically and powerful people in Hollywood committing these acts. But the Left has literally sunk to a new low if that is possible by essentially being relentless by blasting Conservatives like Roy Moore, and demand he step down. Yet Pelosi and the other leftists, won’t call for their own senators and congressmen to resign or call for an ethics committee hearing for their atrocities. Not only are there more of them on the left that have been accused, but they’ve even settled some of them out of court.

It’s not just on the Left. The Right, though not to the same extent in my opinion, have also stopped the calling for the stepping  down of Judge Roy Moore. The Conservatives have more to lose in the House as well if they lose seats. But the Moral standard should be raised and it’d be a good time to do it for Conservatives. The Left really has nothing to lose, if Franken goes, the others. They’re in “blue” areas that would undoubtedly be replaced by another Democrat. Where as again Roy Moore for example, would be out and could likely lose the Right another seat in the House like it isn’t tough enough for the Republicans as is to pass anything.

I agree there is an arguement to be had in “letting the people decide” in Alabama. But that’s another discussion. Again, I feel the moral high ground is the better way to go in this matter. All to be continued I am sure as more allegations pour across the world in the heaping dumpster fire that is modern-day politics and MSM. If Senator Al Franken (D) only has to reach down a couple of feet to grab a married woman’s ass, then we, as a people should reach down, put party aside in this matter. And let’s restore the moral standard the we once had.

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