“Senator Al Franken goes for two”


 Senator Al Franken’s had a second accusation now in regards to sexual assault or “groping”. This time however, it was after he was elected to Senator of Minnesota. In 2010, at a State fair in Minnesota. Franken had come across a family. Lindsay Menz and her husband recognized the former comedian and now Senator and had a brief chat with him. They then all agreed to take a photo together. Well guess what, it turns out, according to both the husband and Lindsay Menz whose now currently 33 years old, Senator Al Franken grabbed her rear-end. She said, ” He pulled me in like awkward close, and put his hand full-fledged on my rear, His hand was tightly wrapped around my butt cheek.”

Now, the husband admittedly didn’t have a great look at the Senator actually doing it. But he did notice the awkward approach of the Senator and how is wife reacted while he was taking the photo. She also said, “It wasn’t around my waist, it wasn’t around my hip or side it was definitely on my butt.” I was like oh my God, what just happened?!?” Senator Al Franken grabbed your ass right in front of your husband while taking a photo with you sorry to say Mrs. Lenz.

This is just another accusation of many others. Charlie Rose of PBS was let go for sexual harassment claims also. And there are others but back to Franken. Check anywhere on the internet and you can also find video from him in the 90’s where he talked about how he did some interesting things to say the least. I think it was on a Howard Stern radio show episode. So when he spouts his bulls** apologies and tries to downplay it, and talk about the Ethics committee to check his being fit to stay in Senate. Like anyone’s ever been removed from their seat via a Senate Ethics Committee insight. Never out of hundreds of people has someone been removed  You’ll know he is full of it and there’s your wake up call ladies, of SNL. 36 of which backing him in the form of a signed petition like morons. Sad thing is, Minnesota statute is that touching someone from outside the clothing regardless of the location is technically not a crime. What a crock, at least in this case.


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