“ISIS nearly wiped out, calling now for Assassination of young son Barron Trump’

Young Barron Trump, 1st Family

ISIS internet channels are calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump’s youngest son Barron. Also, they have shared a whole lot of his personal information and details on social media, including his school’s address, according to a monitoring media org.

ISIS member s or supporters, on a well-used channel for back-and-forth chatter shared Barron’s school info and have been advocating for any members or Islamists to “step up” and assassinate him per MEMRI [ Middle Eastern Media Research Institute ]. This poor young kid is only 12 years old. These radical Islamic douchebags can go straight to hell.

When it first was put out on an ISIS telegram, It provided the address of his school but also included a GPS Google Map pinpointing its location, also according to MEMRI. Images of these messages have been seen per these sources. The individual was, or at least went by Dak Al- Munafiqeen online, translating to “striking the hypocrites’. Saying “handle the son of the “Mule of America” Assh***s.

The icing on the cake from there was the posting of course of his photograph so everyone in that disgusting region of radical murderers and rapists and the radicals here who hate us and our wonderful United States would recognize him. The ISIS Islamic Radical Muslim regime has been take out in Iraq and Syria recently, thanks to the trust POTUS Trump has out to our Generals. However, there is still a very serious problem in the world with Radical Islam. And something must be done. This time, they really threatened the wrong man’s son.

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