“Border Patrol gets Ambushed-Agent killed”


Of course the Left and a few Republicans are certainly holding up the building of our “big, beautiful, wall.” as POTUS puts it. But maybe after the awful death of Border Patrol officer Rogelio Martinez, who was ambushed the other day by the border in Texas. They will wake the hell up and pass the bill to build our Southern-Border-wall. Trump, after hearing about this attack by illegal immigrants, reiterated again,” We will, and must, build the wall.” And he is right !

The Left tries to argue either the fact that, yes indeed illegal immigration is at a record low since POTUS Trump took office. They also try the “net-zero-immigration” nonsense though they know that’s  simply not true.  Again, on MSNBC just a couple of weeks back they were filming the mock-walls for the border and in the background a handful of illegals jumped the fence on live television! [ was kind of bittersweet ]

However, this is only more proof that a wall would only assure our citizens a feeling of safety and security within our borders. And that in itself is worth it. We do not have the same number of illegals here as we did 10 years ago. They will claim it’s around 11 million. Try more like 20-30 million. We can not allow these illegal immigrants to come across when they are committing many acts of rape. Over 80% of illegals that are women crossing the southern border are raped by the men illegally crossing. Then you have many that simply die from a lack of fluids, food. And many are killed for I’m sure a variety of reasons. None of them good.

It’s bad enough illegal immigration drives down our minimum wage, raises our taxes, and costs Americans jobs. But this time, and it isn’t the first, a Border Patrol agent was killed by illegals who were wielding rocks at he and the other agents, and they were badly beaten. Border Patrol officer Rogelio Martinez died during this ambush. Another agent injured badly is still in the hospital with sever trauma to the head. Our prayers go out to all of their families. Maybe the brutality of this killing will wake up some of the members on the Left, and we can finally get a few more votes needed in order to Build THE WALL.

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