“What’s with GOP going crazy over Roy Moore, Yet not a peep about Sen. Al Franken (D) ?”

la-radio-host-shares-photo-of-sen-al-franken-groping-her-he-said-it-was-intended-to-be-funnyMy morning rant. Mitt Romney among other GOP establishment individuals’ like Mitch McConnell have been going after Judge Roy Moore on social media, MSM. But, since Democratic establishment Senator and former SNL comedian Al Franken was outed for forcefully groping and kissing a young model during a USO tour. There are photographs.

It hasn’t been a secret that the Dems have always been very tight-knit, where as the GOP can’t seem to gel or simply even pass a damn bill with having every majority vote. But since Harvey Weinstein and all of the others in Hollywood, including Kevin Spacey[ who should be in fuck*** jail too], Louis C.K., and in Washington D.C. with Judge Roy Moore of Alabama and recently Senator Al Franken Democrat of Minnesota, it’s been obvious that the Left has been “light” with coverage and or comment. That is to no surprise, and the MSM is dominated by the Left so of course they’re going to focus more on the GOP members. But GOP leaders not willing to speak up against Dems? And throwing their own under the bus!? What the hell. Either condemn them all, or none of them until they’re proven guilty. [ Like Al Franken’s case, really can’t deny a photograph ]. Though to be fair, even though the evidence isn’t as strong. There are more accusations in Roy Moore’s case.

The GOP has been losing mostly due to their lack of support to the POTUS, and not getting together for any reform policy to get passed the Senate. No wonder, they throw their own under the bus though there is no concrete evidence. But, you have photographic evidence to the accusation’s against Sen. Al Franken, and you don’t hear a single peep out of any GOP leaders, or members period.

It isn’t that I am advocating for each party to back their own no matter what, I mean let’s be honest it’s likely the majority of these people did something they shouldn’t have done. I am simply making the connection to how the Dems no matter what for good or bad, they back one another. And the GOP can’t keep it together to save their lives. You can’t have #NeverTrumpers like Romney tweeting about Judge Roy Moore being “unfit to serve”, but not saying a single word about Al Franken. Especially considering the photographic evidence of him groping that women’s chest on the USO tour when he was still a comedian. I say lock up all of these sexual assaulting bastards; Left, Right, and Hollywood [ which is the Left ] . Lock them up, and throw away the key, if and once they’re proven guilty. Then again, Kevin Spacey admitted to molesting multiple young boys, and it seems since he’s gay it’s no longer important? We’ll discuss that more next time. As this country is only getting more crazy, this is today’s GOP wake up call.


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