“Toxic Masculinity”-New B.S. narrative from the Left-Claiming reason behind shootings”


So the Left has now drawn at one of the most pathetic straws possible in my opinion. Claiming they now know without a doubt what the true reasons are behind these recent, egregious shootings. Over the past couple years, we’ve had Dylan Roof, Omar Mateen, Devin Kelly, and worst of all Steven Paddock. But what is this wisdom bestowed upon us as to why these shootings are happening? Toxic masculinity claim leftists and feminists.

According to the Left, “toxic masculinity” is simply men going crazy and shooting a bunch of innocent Americans. Not because they’re simply crazy, or an Islamic extremist with ass-backward beliefs. That would make too much sense. And as you and I know, the Left doesn’t operate in a little place I like to call “reality”. We need to look at the facts of these shootings.

Dylan Roof, record of violence, and a reputation as a Neo-Nazi. He went to a black church, and eventually decided to start shooting them. Claiming they are taking the country away from the whites or some garbage like that. He was obviously not your average citizen. Omar Mateen however, shooting 50 some odd people in Orlando, Florida at a nightclub. Afterwards he even called and told the police he “pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State and Al Baghdadi”. He was a Muslim that radicalized. An Islamic extremist. And the Left focuses on not offending anyone, the anti “islamophobia”, and gun control for crying out loud. Nevermind the crooked ideology that is Islam. Just read any random page out of the Quran, or look up Sharia law.

Anyways, the recent shooting by Devin Kelly in Texas, 26 killed and 20 more injured. This screwball had threatened his superior officer in the Air Force, his wife, mother-in-law. He spent a year in confinement and time in a mental institution. He killed a dog by beating it to death, and last but certainly not least beat and cracked the skull of his infant child. The system failed to enter his record of mental illness, violence and breaking the law repeatedly. Had that been entered into the proper databases, it would’ve come up in a background check. This is already in current, existing laws regarding gun control, but were not enforced when it came to Patrick Kelly. Otherwise it’s likely he never would have had a firearm. Anyways this also is not “male toxicity”, this is just a very sick individual.

Lastly, Steven Paddock. This one is still under investigation apparently. But it’s only gotten more confusing. But he allegedly shot what ended up to be over 500 people.It was the worst shooting in modern history. Now, the only problem here is there i still no clear motive. But you know what? You have to be pretty damn sick in the head to cause a mass murder such as that which occurred in Las Vegas. So my point is at least with regards to “male toxicity”, this nonsensical narrative that men feel they’re “losing power” to women or it’s the “patriarchy” of men keeping women down. [ Thanks third wave feminism! ] It has nothing to do with these shootings. They’re all crazy individuals.  But e.g –

Omar Mateen, the Muslim extremist that shot up 50 people in Florida would awaken some to the problems of that ideology, nooo no, it was “toxic masculinity.” Please.


One was a Muslim extremist, (see above) the other a Neo-Nazi, and lastly a very unstable, mentally ill and violent man who slipped through the cracks of the law. It had nothing to do with men’s ego, our testosterone, the need for power over women. It was mentally unstable men and Muslim radicals. Toxic masculinity my ass.

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