“Texas church shooting kills 26, could have been more-shooter taken down by good guy with a gun”

Another tragedy, feels like virtually every week we’re hearing about a terror attack or a shooting lately. Devin P. Kelly, a 26-year-old man who formerly served in the Air Force and also served a year in confinement as punishment. He decided Sunday to go to the church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The church his mother-in-law attends. And why? To kill her, possibly the mother of his child, and ultimately did-in-fact kill 26 people as young as 18 months old and injuring many more. There was no religious or racial motive behind this tragedy. This was a very disturbed young man. And he should have never been able to purchase firearms, under the current laws.

This psychotic human being happened to have major mental health issues as more evidence comes out about this case. From domestic assault to his spouse, to cracking the skull of his infant child, even beating a dog to death. Turns out as the Left bitches about gun control, they’re missing a couple of things in this case. First, the mental illness. Kelly should not have been able to obtain firearms by law. He obtained them illegally. How you ask? His crimes were not properly entered into the National Database that is checked when someone attempts to purchase any firearm. The system failed to do so, they also didn’t help matters by giving him a “Bad conduct discharge” in 2014 versus a “Dishonorable discharge.” There is a difference.

Sunday during mass at the Baptist Church, Kelly had been sending threatening messages to his mother-in-law. He showed up with an AR556 rifle purchased in 2016, a handgun, and tactical gear including a front-and-back plated vest, and helmet. A neighbor and his daughter heard a popping noise. Once the father realized it was in fact gunfire, he quickly reacted. Stephen Willeford, A 55-year-old man who lives a block away, and he went running bare-foot towards the church and once he knew the situation he was in, he hailed a truck down. The driver was a Mr. Johnnie Langendorff. The two of them chased down the shooter Kelly and Willeford hit the gunman twice, allegedly the leg and in the side. Why is this part so important? Yes, of course it doesn’t change the fact that an awful tragedy occurred. No one can argue that.

But what it does do is show and why it’s so important is that when a responsible, law-abiding citizen [ NRA instructor ] mind you comes to the aid of those in need and stops further loss of life. The man is a hero I don’t care what anyone says. He was scared, he admitted so on “Louder with Crowder” during an interview. But he took the strength he was given by God and his faith in him and he went and stopped Devin Kelly from committing more murders.

As to the Left and once again politicizing this into a gun control conversation. Remember, if a law-abiding gun owner like Willeford didn’t show, many more people likely would have been killed. This young man was deeply disturbed and the Government[ Obama Admin. court, and the Air Force ] failed us by not properly putting his criminal record in the proper database that would’ve shown in the event of a background check! [ Nice try David Frum, his brilliant plan of action to never put a gun in the hands of someone who commits domestic violence. That laws existed for many years. ]

Other idiots on the Left talking about how it “should be outlawed for anyone with a mental illness to get guns.” Well guess what? It has been illegal for about 20 years. There are so many different events that should have pulled a “red flag” when he went to purchase these weapons but the system failed implementing the existing laws. And I will bet my bottom dollar, they will do their best to not discuss the heroic actions of a legal gun owning man who bravely went after the shooter and took him down. That would only ruin their narrative.

They can blame the NRA all they want. They’re idiotic on the Left. They literally believe that the NRA is paying people off in the government to prevent gun control laws. Not true. Truth is the NRA members are your every day legal gun-owning decent citizens. Let’s also never forget that the cities in this country with the strictest gun laws like Chicago are a disaster when it comes to gun crimes.Where as in places with more “lax” gun laws the crimes are much lower. Listen, the system failed folks, but let’s not pretend this had anything to do with out-of-date laws. It had something to do with a very mentally ill man who also had much anger that day against his spouse, and maybe the mother-in-law too per the threatening texts he sent her. But the evidence shows that ultimately made him snap and commit this egregious crime.

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