” Saipov officially charged w/ terrorism offense, could seek death penalty for truck attack”

terroristNYC2017   Update on Saipov and the NYC attack, the Uzbek immigrant that plowed into over 20 people on a bike path in NYC this past Tuesday afternoon. We’ve learned some more interesting facts about he and this case. Still confirmed death toll reached 8, but the injuries were over a dozen.

He had allegedly planned this for over a year, but telling the FBI just a couple of months prior he chose to use a truck to carry it out. And as reported it seems to have been confirmed he did in fact leave a note written in Arabic stating essentially that ” The Islamic State would forever endure.” Saipov even had the audacity to request an ISIS flag for his hospital room. Also confirmed he was in fact radicalized by online videos with Al-Baghdadi that apparently “questioned Muslims in the United States to ‘what they were doing in response to the killing of other Muslims in Iraq,” for example.

POTUS Trump weighed in and he certainly seems to agree that the death penalty is justified. I am not the biggest advocate for capital punishment, but if someone simply kills 8 people and it could’ve just as easily been 20. Yeah, I can sleep at night if he [Saipov] gets the death penalty. Of course, with that defense attorney’s argue Trump’s comment could interfere with Saipov getting a fair trial. I sincerely understand that viewpoint. And I can’t say I disagree, but frankly I don’t give a damn. What about the 8 dead innocence? They don’t get any second chances.

They’re gone, and they are never coming back. Thanks to Saipov. Thanks to the bullshit Islamic State. Thanks to their media, whether it’s Baghdadi or Aulaki that’s influencing these Muslims to radicalize online and ultimately commit murder against us. Saipov had himself over 90 videos and almost four thousand images. He even admitted he would’ve and wanted to”kill as many people as he could,” and that he considered putting Islamic State flags on the front and back of his truck if not for the fact it would have brought too much attention.” court documents show.

Also reported they found stun guns and knives inside the vehicle Saipov used, and bomb making instructions. I don’t know if this will ever stop until as a country and a people, we all recognize that there is in fact a problem with Islam’s ideology. And for crying out loud, stop worrying more about being “offensive”. Would you rather not be offended or offensive? Or not be run over by a damn truck?!?

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