“Islamic Radical mows down a crowd in NYC killing 8, injuring 11 more”

An awful tragedy unfolded yet again in the United States Tuesday afternoon in NYC. An ISIS supporting-Muslim, allegedly influenced by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi online reports say. He first rented a work truck from a Home Depot in northern New Jersey. He then drove it north into NYC [and allegedly planned on continuing to Brooklyn afterwards to kill more people] and plowed straight into a crowd of people on a bike path while yelling “Allahu Akbar” killing 8 and injuring at least 11. The people mowed down were innocent cyclists and pedestrians. The attacker had the audacity to mention he picked the date because he figured “more people would be out on Halloween.” Who is this monster? He’s been identified as Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old man who resided in northern New Jersey.

This attack, is the first since Orlando regarding Islamic radicals. The previous terror attack was the mass-shooting by Omar Mateen, shooting over 50 in a night club in southern Florida as he proudly pledged his allegiance to Al-Baghdadi and ISIS. We’ve been seeing this trend throughout Europe and the U.K. with the murdering of innocence with automobiles. Unfortunately it has now happened here in the United States. These smaller terror attacks may not compare to 9/11, but they still have the same effect.

He came to the United States in 2010 as part of a “Diversity Lottery.” Now this is simply what it sounds like. And it’s pathetic. A “lottery ticket” quite literally for a “pass go” collect a US permanent residency if not citizenship. Thanks to the Left, this was put into play which ultimately allows people like Saipov to come right in and the vetting is sad. No assimilation to our western culture.

And they get influenced by the Leftist idiots and their identity politics even in the classrooms and Universities. Along with MSM fear mongering by painting the racist and or Islamophobic country false narrative. It’s no wonder we’re getting these “home-grown” terrorists that are already Muslim and go radical or they get radicalized and convert to Islam. These geniuses whether professors or television anchors on MSM, they’re teaching these people to hate America! Bad enough if they get baited by ISIS reels on the internet, but a lot of them are also being taught that America is a systematically racist country, built on slavery and it creates a hatred for our United States, it needs to stop!

First off, this great country was built on core ideas and principles, not slavery. Yes it is a part of our past indeed. But it is not what the country was built on and it’s what makes this such a great country today learning from our past. Secondly, it is not a teacher’s place to put her political agenda in the classroom, or teach false narratives of our history to brainwash our children. Teach the facts, and allow our children to develope their own informed opinions.

As for the attack, allegedly Saipov attended a Mosque in New Jersey. Also it’s alleged he may have been “outed as suspicious” by another member of the Mosque or the community. We need to make some adjustments and ensure we’re monitoring any possible people who could be a threat to our society so we can hopefully prevent even some of these awful events from happening. And when the FBI has been given a lead about a “suspicious character”, they need to start doing a hell of a better job before clearing someone and saying they’re “confident they won’t go postal or anything.”

To sum it all up, Saipov is just another example of the issue of Radical Islam’s ideology and how it is increasingly affecting the West. Europe is already been overrun with “refugees” and immigration to where the UK’s #1 name for males is now Muhammad, including all spellings. But you’d never know it by listening to the MSM especially late night hosts like Colbert and Kimmel. After Vegas, they’re all over it. “We have to do something! “The Government has to do something!.”

But a Muslim attacks us in NYC killing 8 people, and all you hear from them then is, “we need to just stay strong, we’ll move on we’re tough.” Give me a damn break you Leftist idiots. Islam as an ideology is a problem. It has been for a long time, and they’re only getting more creative with their attacks. Also more technological with their “influence” and radicalization. ( i.e-the internet, Youtube, etc). We need to stop worrying about being “Islamophobic” or “offensive”, and tell it how it is. Radicals say” Allahu Akbar”, I say, “Piss off you murderous, rape culture advocating, woman oppressing, “honor” killing sons of bitches.” We here in the United States won’t have it! Let’s just thank God, Saipov was taken down before he completed his plan which would’ve entailed more deaths had he made it to Brooklyn.

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