“Maxine Waters attacking Trump yet again.”

We’ve all heard or seen Maxine Waters, “lady” Representative of California attack POTUS Trump time after time after time. She is continually spreading nonsensical narratives to the masses without any actual evidence to back her case up. Twisting truths, flip-flopping, the woman is out of her damn mind. One minute she says Comey has “Zero Credibility”, the next she says Trump must be impeached because he must be guilty of collusion with the Russians since he fired Comey. [ Whom ultimately was corrupt! ]

Don’t mind the fact that there are still no ties linking Trump directly to Russia. Not a shred , not a scintilla of evidence. Even with the Trump dossier coming out and Manafort being indicted. All the same, crazy Maxine is at it again. “Impeach 45”, “fight back” she yells over and over to crowds . Such as the recent event, South Carolina’s 19th annual cook off getting about 1,000 folks in attendance into a delusional frenzy reports the Post. Referring to the Gold Star family, and how Trump disrespected the widow of the fallen soldier in Niger. [ I do agree with some like Ben Shapiro for example, that Trump should’ve just left that one alone, regarding his Twitter .]

It’s nonsensical and it makes me want to pull my hair out. Who does she think she is [ Maxine Waters ]? Other than a loony tune, two-faced, racist hypocritical Leftist with a 4 million dollar home in California that’s not even in her district! Oh, and her district isn’t doing so well.

“Impeach 45″ refers to the impeachment of POTUS Trump, as he is the 45th sitting President of the United States. Maxine Waters has been on this literally since day one. She is getting crazier, making more outlandish ”threats”. Last time I checked it isn’t the best thing to talk about “taking out” the POTUS. Waters was also attacking how General Kelly was rude as well to the Gold Star family, and how he was a respectful man until he was “contaminated by Trump’s white house”. Really Rep. Waters?!?

She continued yelling about “45” and “impeach 45″. ” We’re not going to allow 45 to get away with this.” And apparently they’re going to “reclaim their time”. She did the same garbage at the LGBTQ homeless youth speech in NYC, and also at Los Angeles’ City Hall for a “non-political” AIDS walk to further the agenda. Again, this 79-year-old politician’s remarks all year have been nonsensical.

I just find it amazing that she is continuing this despite the recent evidence that Democrats [ Clinton in particular along with Obama Admin. ] paid for Russian Intel on Trump in 2016 during the campaign and election. Maxine Waters, do us all a favor a buzz off or resign.

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