” Pelosi and Dems need a woman at the table”

Nancy Pelosi on TV the other day talks about how she is the only woman in congress ” at the table.” “And this is why they can not get rid of me,’ because I’m a woman and they need me at the table!” Really? This country was built on ideas, principles. Not on electing or continue electing someone just because it “feels right”. And I thought the Left believed in the whole 60-70 different sexes? They did, and they will again when the argument is favorable. But of course they are going back to the “woman aren’t treated equal” fight with Pelosi.

Now all of a sudden to the Left, it’s important again [conveniently] to be a woman. Where as a month ago they didn’t care about how the multiple gender identity garbage actually took away the whole part and pride in actually being a woman. Only women can create children, only women have ovaries, no atoms apple and can look good naked. But they would argue that is not the case and it all depends on what you say you are.

But they’re happy to be complete hypocrites once again and make the feminist argument that simply because Pelosi is a woman she should stay as the Dem Minority Leader. Last time I checked, it’s not about your sex or race, it is about who is best for the damn job!

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