“Left to no surprise-crying racism over Puerto Rico response.”

We are all aware of the battering winds, rain, and destruction Puerto Rico and other islands have suffered from recently. Hurricanes Irma and Maria in particular damaged Puerto Rico most. There has been debate between the left, right, and center regarding POTUS Trump and his administration’s response effort to aide Puerto Rico in recovering. The Left once again making something that has nothing to do with race, and taking a hurricane of all things and making it a racial issue.

Now it really went down that vain when the Mayor of San Juan started outing Trump saying he hasn’t been responding to her “cries for help”. However, before that she was praising him. What changed? Well she ironically is up for re-election as a Democrat [ shocker ].

Anyone with an informed opinion would say Trump just like with Texas and Florida, did an amazing job with coordinating efforts to aid and assist the areas and people affected. But of course, with PR being a US province full of Hispanics, it was just what the Left and MSM needed to create yet again another false narrative and straw man to attack Trump yet again as this “racist heartless man.” Quite the opposite folks.

They [MSM] were saying how it’s a dereliction of duty how he’s ignored the Puerto Rican people. Yet he didn’t. They said he was attacking the lady mayor of San Juan who made those false claims. Yet he did not. He did tweet about her but only after her false statements and to defend himself which is only fair. We know MSM won’t do it. All he was saying was how she was so gracious and commending him for all of his assistance, and then magically took a 180 turn on him the moment she got the chance. My belief is when the Lefty stations like CNN and MSNBC in particular contacted her after Trump’s tweet, they decided to go with another narrative. They each benefit, MSM gets an excuse to attack Trump and yet again call him a racist. And this mayor gets a huge platform and as a democrat up for re-election “sures up” her democratic base and votes.

Let’s get the facts straight. Trump sent tons of aid in funds, supplies, and food. He sent over 15,000 people including FEMA to assist in recovery and aid. And he even lifted an embargo that otherwise would’ve prevented other vessels from coming in to also assist in Puerto Rico’s time of need. How could anyone in their right mind say Trump turned his back to the people in Puerto Rico? Simple, they’re not in their right of mind, and they are race baiting. Plain and simple.

It’s a sad thing, I am hispanic on my mother’s side. I know plenty of folks from PR and that still live there. Majority of them commend and praise POTUS Trump’s efforts to help them. But they also know they need to help each other, and themselves. Funny how the mayor who made the ridiculous claim was allegedly caught hoarding supplies and food for herself! On a personal note, it also saddens me when even people I know, in this case a puerto rican individual. She was having a simple chat about the devastation in PR. I simply acknowledged it, and added, ” Thank God POTUS Trump has done all he has to help the people of Puerto Rico”. And added the factual things he did do to help them. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was shut down in the conversation. ” OK, Let’s just drop it.” and the look I received could have pierced a steel beam in half. “You brought it up” I said lightly, and just mentioned again how it means a lot to me personally as well and I understood why she had those feelings.

But of course when I tried to have a conversation and provide some basic truths to help her see, she wanted none of it. That in a nutshell sums up the entire Left in this country nowadays. You can’t have a conversation with anyone on the Left even when providing facts. The moment they don’t like what you’re saying, they shut it down no matter what. No wonder Trump utilizes twitter to get the truth out. MSM certainly isn’t going to do so.

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