” Boo Who? Halloween could be more scary, but not how you’d think.”

Halloween, a holiday not necessarily with the greatest historical trail perhaps. But, for decades has been celebrated as simply a day where the young and old can have fun and be whomever they want. A superhero, cowboy, soldier, sports star, ghost, witch, and so on. Well, to no surprise Halloween is now politicized with campuses, schools, businesses. They have really gone over the line to condemn costumes. Since when was it offensive to wear a particular costume ? Wasn’t this all about having fun? So we thought.

It started before this year, but it has really gotten out of control as many things have in 2017 with everyone still butt-hurt since Trump’s election to POTUS. But sticking to Halloween, it ties in with the nonsensical intersectionality of political correctness. Political correctness in general in my opinion is cancerous. People across the country afraid to speak their minds, afraid of using the “wrong” word, phrase, term , etc. Too much damn sensitivity to virtually any and all things. And at least for this topic, Halloween.

Halloween is near, and the for mentioned entities are instructing people on costumes they can or can not wear because as far as they’re concerned, some are simply “unacceptable or offensive.” Feminists complaining about female costumes being “too sexy”, and the rest simply complaining about the insulting nature of say wearing a Native American costume, or wearing a sombrero, dressing up like a “hobo”, and the list goes on. Oh my! We can’t allow this, wearing a sombrero is insulting to Mexican people, and wearing a Native American costume with a “chief feathered hat” is offensive to the indigenous people, the sexy female costumes insult the feminists, wear a dashiki and if you don’t retain the “knowledge” of all African culture it’s “insensitive”. Give me a break.

I have a personal experience from when I was much younger, good 10 years ago maybe more. I was at a Halloween party in Atlantic City. A friend of a friend was wearing brown makeup on his face [ he’s white ], and had on an Atlanta Falcons jersey and hat with two stuffed animal dogs tied onto a rope that hung around his neck, yes daring. This was right after quarterback Michael Vick was arrested for dog fighting. Now, yes that was awful, but humor has always been a way to get through tough times and bring people together. Not to intentionally insult black people or anyone in that case. Matter of fact we were hanging out with a large diverse crowd including many black people and they thought it was hilarious. Those days are gone folks.

If he did that today, he may have been killed. It is remarkably sad I must admit. I’m obviously not advocating for the right to wear “black-face”, I am simply making a point of how bad political correctness has become. For example, Princeton University is having a “conversation circle”, UC Santa Barbara a “justice workshop” all to discuss what is and is not appropriate wear for Halloween. This is pathetic. There are many other Universities having meetings like these, posting fliers and making announcements.

They are making it all about “culture appropriation”. I guarantee you virtually nobody cares if they’re in their right mind about a costume on Halloween of all days. We need to stop with the silly micro-aggressions and being “triggered”. But if you do, you have multiple screws loose. I’ll tell you what is not appropriate, thinking you thin-skinned snowflakes have the right to dictate to everyone else what they are allowed to wear on HALLOWEEN. We need to continue having civil discourse with these people to make them realize they’re the only ones offended. They need to simply lighten up! What do you think? Leave a comment. Oh, and Christmas is right around the corner, and bet your bottom dollar I will be saying “Merry Christmas” to everyone.


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