“Vegas shooting only getting weirder, Left politicizing to try and take our guns.”


We all are aware at this point of what occurred in Las Vegas outside of the Mandalay Bay hotel. The worst mass shooting in modern US history. Over 500 injured, and including the shooter, Stephen Paddock 59 dead. Paddock allegedly busted out two windows in his 32nd floor suite and using a bump stock unleashed immense amounts of gun fire resulting in for mentioned casualties.

A bump stock simply makes the rifle bounce off your shoulder and makes the weapon similar to an automatic. Automatics have been outlawed since I was born in 1986. Now, though the rate of fire increases, the accuracy is tainted. I’ll discuss why this matters in a moment. Weird things have also transpired since this massacre. And it’s only gotten more strange since the investigation started. We currently know what he did, what he used, and to this point that Paddock had no political ties or radical ties.

But what we don’t know still is the motive. Why would a wealthy man have an itch one day to gun down a bunch of innocent people at a country music concert? We still have no clue. Which have conspiracy nuts going wild with ideas of why. I must admit, there is definitely something “off” about this whole thing. Like the hotel disputing with the police about the times they pointed out for important parts of the incident, and recently how the release of the now changed timeline is only confusing the masses more.

Who knows if we will ever really know what truly happened despite the obvious. But one thing I know without a doubt, as well as many in politics is that the Left did not hesitate one second to politicize this and pivot to gun control. Shocker !

Guns did not kill these people, Paddock did. And let’s not forget evil that wants to happen is going to happen. We’ve had people killed in the UK, Spain and other European countries along with the US by cars, trucks, bombs made out of household kitchen items. So why does the Left need to make this about gun control ? Because the Left is ALL about control. It’s called social engineering, and they are being disgustingly political about our 2nd amendment and how we don’t need civilians with assault rifles and so forth. Well if it’s the weapon and not the individual, what’s next? Banning cars, trucks, planes, kitchen ware? It would only make sense if they want to stay with the narrative of blame the item used in the assault and not the person who committed the assault.

Only shows how ridiculous the Left is, and how they are taking advantage of an awful incident to advance their agenda. Now I am all fine with banning bump stocks if that is what they want. But we know what they really want. Truth is, bump stocks as I mentioned though they will increase rate of fire they cause the shooter to be much less accurate with that firearm. And that it would not have prevented the incident one bit. At the same time, if we allow them to get their ban of bump stocks, where will it end ? That’s my biggest concern.

But I know the American people won’t stand for a gun ban. It is what makes our country so grand and so special. Not to mention guns have been proven to prevent more deaths when used by law-abiding citizens. i.e.- the shooter who shot congressmen at a baseball game and more innocents would have been shot if not for the armed capitol police that took down that shooter who was a Bernie supporter.

Then of course the Left pushing their gun control agenda are also blaming the NRA. Now the NRA is NOT at fault for this or any crime involving guns. The persons using those guns to hurt innocence are the blame. Paddock was not an NRA member, and atop of that, there were many injured and killed at that Las Vegas concert that were NRA member. So the NRA wants answers just as much as the rest of us. And they have and will continue to protect the American people and their 2nd amendment rights to protect themselves.

The Left can have fun trying to increase gun control, it will not happen. They want to rid bump stocks? Fine. And as for Paddock, the family is certainly a bit strange, but I again say I doubt at this point if we will ever really know his motives. But Jimmy Kimmel, along with the other idiotic hypocrites who not only have armed guards and security but also preach on their television shows about gun control when they obviously know nothing about guns in general and conflate semi automatic with automatic weapons, while failing to mention that indeed handguns are the number one used gun in gun related deaths every year. They say “Oh yea our founding fathers really created the 2nd amendment for AR15’s and other assault rifles” sarcastically although they don’t know their facts, they had gatling guns, cannons, along with many other very lethal fire arms dating all the way back to the 1800’s or before.

So yes, our founding fathers did in fact create the 2nd amendment for ” these types of firearms”. It Shall NOT Be Infringed. It is for us citizens to protect ourselves in general day-to-day life, to protect ourselves in case of nut jobs such as Dylan Roof, Omar Mateen,or Stephen Paddock, and last but certainly not least, to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government!



One thought on ““Vegas shooting only getting weirder, Left politicizing to try and take our guns.”

  1. thesuburbanblurb

    Updated reports that Jesus Campos the security guard that was shot from Mandalay Bay has now been missing without a trace as this story gets weirder and weirder.


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