“Harvey Weinstein, the DNC and Hollywood’s dark secrets coming out.”



So I know at this point everyone must have heard the massive breaking story on the very famous, very sick Harvey Weinstein of Miramax and The Weinstein Co. and his disgusting acts going back at least 20-30 years. He has been all over the news, and for good reason. This man is a Hollywood elitist who has been virtually an “untouchable” with his money, power, and fame. His ties to the DNC, with his massive contributions to the Democratic party in particular the Clinton’s and the Obama’s. You would think now that he’s been outed as an alleged rapist and sexual predator, that it would change some things in Hollywood and possibly our justice system. Well, don’t get ahead of yourselves.

Now, to be “fair”, he has gotten some push back being recently been kicked out of his own company The Weinstein Co, his brother Bob taking over [ But words out even the brother may be a predator, shocker ]  . His wife has also left him, more and more actresses coming out high and low outing Weinstein for his forceful predatory acts on women in Hollywood, and deservingly so. But at the same time, you also can see the attempts by Hollywood and the Left to suppress this as much as possible and deflect to other issues to protect their “pal”. Even Hillary Clinton had the audacity to deflect about Weinstein and made it about Trump. Ummm, wait wasn’t it her husband found to be guilty of the very same things?? She just wants power. And the evidence of this could not possibly be any stronger now.

Yes, Bill Clinton as we all know is a career womanizing rapist and sexual predator all the way back to his days in Arkansas. Yet, though Hillary claims to be a representative of all women, and an advocate for women’s rights. She shows her true colors by giving such a limp response when interviewed about her thoughts on Weinstein’s acts against women. She also went after [ in different ways ] the women that outed her husband when he got exposed for his actions with Paula Jones, Monica Lewinski and others. Hillary’s an enabler. She was supposedly “Pro women”, yeah right. She is obviously just “Pro-Clinton, Pro-Hillary”. It is and has always been about her.

But the entire Left has been quiet about the subject. Even Michelle Obama who would typically love to go after any white male accused of sexual predatory acts against young women hasn’t spoken a word about Weinstein. And why? Because, he simply has deep ties to them. Deep pockets too. Tons of donations to the Obama’s and the DNC. Over 1 million dollars over the years. An internship given to Obama’s eldest daughter among other things. No wonder she hasn’t condemned Weinstein either. How convenient, when it is a cash machine for them, or “one of their own” as they say, then he becomes this ” good man who just has some issues and needs help”. Shocker, playing the victim card.

Give me a break. Yes, the man certainly needs help. But I think jail is where he belongs if the accusations do result in any type of indictment. Don’t hold your breath on the indictment. There is no way the Left and the establishment of elitists are going to let him get what he truly deserves. Bad enough when we find out that top Hollywood actresses like Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep knew about Weinstein and never spoke up, or did so years after knowing. But oh they’re being so brave speaking out now! Please. And Mr. poster boy of the Left, Jimmy Kimmel taking forever to even mention Weinstein and his disgusting acts. But I thought he was such a caring human being ?

Then of course the other major reason is it would paint a negative smear on the Obama’s, Clinton’s, and the Democratic party. Even the MSM, especially NBC [ who shut down the original story when it broke months ago ] is trying to deflect on this as much as possible. Only online media hosts and Fox news seem to be telling the truth about Weinstein. It amazes me how the Left covers up so much to protect one another. However, I must admit. Just like POTUS Trump said more less was; in a way it’d be nice if the conservatives were as tightly knit as the Left is. They might be a bunch of hypocritical clowns who lie their asses off on the regular. But they sure do stick together and protect one another.

As for Weinstein himself, it was rumored he was going to pull a “Polanski” and take off to Europe. But latest reports state he has gone to a “rehabilitation center” in Arizona that is $2,000.00 a day. Must be nice. He is supposedly getting “treatment” for his sexual addiction problems. Sorry Harvey, I’m not buying it, and I don’t think the people are either.

Hollywood has been a bee’s nest of leftists for years and years. The DNC has had control over Hollywood and the money flowing in to the DNC has each side in each others pocket. Along with the leftist propaganda in movies, TV, commercials and so forth only makes me wonder even more so now than ever how anyone with half a brain could continue believing the Democratic party is sincerely for women’s rights and the people’s best interests. When they protect a scumbag like Harvey Weinstein because of their deep ties and also the large donations of money and resources, I say keep it up Democrats!

Why do I say this? Because the more and more that the Left show their true colors, and how they do not care one bit about the American people. It will only prove to awaken the people that have been dooped by the Left for so long to realize who really has their best interests at heart and who actually gives a damn about them.

The Left is imploding, and Weinstein being outed is now another block being pulled out of the Left’s “jenga tower” of power. The hypocrisy is remarkable. Hopefully, if only one good thing comes out of this. It’s that women all across the country see Hillary Clinton as well as the DNC for who and what they really are. Self serving liars who only care for themselves, power, and for control.

One thought on ““Harvey Weinstein, the DNC and Hollywood’s dark secrets coming out.”

  1. thesuburbanblurb

    Reports that “feminist” Lisa Bloom an attorney that was representing Weinstein and offered as much as 6 million dollars to actress for her silence, and to say Weinstein isn’t “such a bad man.”


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