“GOP talks big game for over 7 years, Now stalled under Trump.”


The Republican party for the first in a long while, has majority control of the House and the Senate. With a Republican-nominated POTUS, you would think Obama Care aka The Affordable Health Care Act would’ve already been repealed and replaced. Or at the very least repealed.

Of course the moronic pundits on the Left fight this tooth and nail, but that is to be expected. But why are key members of the GOP voting against something they promised to get rid of the entire duration of Obama’s time in office? Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul among a couple others have been loud vocally about repeal and replace, but no action. Well other than voting against the proposed bills to do just that.

Rand Paul is the only one who I actually respect, generally but also to how and why he is against the bill. However, even at this point I would argue the GOP including Rand Paul need to get something done as a party, period. I would not doubt for a moment Paul Ryan simply is a “Never Trumper” , more importantly a part of the deep state establishment and simply doesn’t want Trump to succeed. Same could be said for Mitch McConnell.

The tax code is the new proposal being discussed, and it’s time to see if the GOP can come together and finally pass a damn bill. There is a lot of back-and-forth as if to this new tax bill will or will not help the middle class. I personally believe it will in fact help the middle class. And in my humble opinion, the middle class is the backbone of this country’s survival. Most of the country is lower, mid, and upper middle class. They are your majority, they are your small business owners, and frankly look at any state that is failing like California.

Their middle class is all but disappeared. Funny part is, they don’t seem to care[ they will ]. They have the Hollywood “super rich”, and then your lower middle to poorer classes filling out the rest of southern California. Never a good recipe, especially for such a large state and populus to not have a strong middle class to keep the State’s economy going strong. And like I said, the state is failing.

To sum this up, I have an inkling that the establishment of career politicians on the Left and the select few on the Right that are preventing POTUS Trump from fulfilling his promises to the American people during his campaign are doing so for a couple reasons. It’s easy to say why the Left is against him. They will never lose their desire for control. Plain and simple. But Trump has been making them look[ with their own help ] like complete morons day by day.

But the GOP? Why is McCain, McConnell, Paul Ryan and others so against Trump? Why are they not keeping THEIR promises they’ve been spouting off for over 7 years!? Take advantage of your party’s situation and pass some damn bills so we can improve our Country’s situation! I believe the folks stalling Trump on the Right are doing so because the establishment simply can not have an “outsider” who has never been in public office in his life, win the Presidency AND actually solve problems and be successful.

Think about it. This guy, reality TV guy, a bit outlandish and outspoken. Certainly not a “politically correct” President [ thank goodness ]. That’s what made him so popular, he’s not mucked up by the dark side of politics  being bribed and controlled, and he speaks just like you and I. It’s refreshing, yes I know I’ve said that before. So what. But the point being I honestly think they will do whatever is necessary to ensure his failure. I hope I am wrong.

But how bad are all of these 5,10, 20, 30 year politicians on both the left and right going to look if President Trump gets his laws passed, they in a way can’t afford for him to succeed. Which is a shame in itself.

Imagine it. Taxes go down, jobs continue to grow. Obama Care repealed and replaced, tax code simplified, a big beautiful wall built on the Southern border. With that no more illegal immigration to prevent an improving economy. Then you get higher wages, less taxes taken for labor. That brings along less; crime, drugs, rape, and even murder. This country can prosper, it has and always will through good times and bad.

If the establishment stops stalling Trump on his promises to the American people and the GOP can band together. If they do, we can sincerely experience some vast improvements in the United States. This country is great, the west is the best I always say. But from where we are currently, imagine what could really be if our requests to our law makers are answered. Let’s get the establishment to stop stalling our POTUS from his promises and agenda the American people voted for, and we can “Make America Great Again”.

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