“NFL gets Trumped.”


So we all are aware by now that everything today is politicized. But when people go to watch a sports game in person or on television, the best part is everyone joining together in solidarity, no republicans, no democrats, no politics. Just good old-fashioned American fun in sport. Least it used to be.

This past week Trump has been “going against” the NFL regarding the kneeling and or sitting during our Country’s National Anthem. Now Trump had done a speech in Alabama supporting Luther Strange. Not a typical thing to endorse one Republican against another[ especially when Steve Bannon is supporting the other candidate, though not to intentionally go “against” Trump, Bannon still a strong Trump supporter ]. But nothing about POTUS Trump is typical. And frankly for the most part, I like that about him.

Of course, doing this act of sitting or kneeling, whether intended or not does in fact disrespect everyone whose ever wore the uniform. Military,  local police, federal police, national guard, you name it. And I agree with Trump when he called them [ NFL players ] out for doing just that, disrespecting our Nation’s flag and military in particular. The “issue” according to the Left is the fact he said ” son’s of bitches” referring to anyone that is disrespecting our flag and anthem, and of course the Left, being extremely dumb as usual creates the false narrative with language like “dog whistles”. Claiming POTUS Trump’s statement was racist. Yeah right.

Now yes, the NFL players make up about 69.7% of the league. And that is what the Left is going for with their race-baiting. Almost 70% of the players are black, and there are no black owners to this point. So you here “oh they’re the slaves on the plantation” from folks like Spike Lee on ESPN, ” it’s like he is saying control your dog” from morons like Chris Cuomo. Really people!? I wouldn’t mind taking their place and being a “slave” with tens of millions of dollars. Lastly, let’s not forget they are not being forced to play the game.

But, there are plenty of different cultures and races within the NFL. Black, white, hispanic, simoan, and so forth. And not once did President Trump say a single word about blacks, nothing about any race, color, or creed, not a single thing about dogs. All he said was actually quite simple and straight forward. His opinion, as well as a vast majority of US citizens including myself, is simply; Show respect and stand when your country’s national anthem is being played and or sung. Now I will admit one thing, I don’t believe it was the best thing for our country when Trump said what he said. But again, he’s not your typical “PC” politician. He speaks like any regular person would and I find it refreshing. Saying “S.O.B’s” may not have been the best term ether, but hey he calls it as he sees it. But don’t forget, he did not start this.

Regardless, the Left as usual goes even lower by doing that race-baiting garbage. Dog whistle language as I’ve mentioned etc. THAT, is really what’s dividing this country. These false narratives to scare certain groups of individuals creating only more tension. Remember, this didn’t start with Trump. It started with that spoiled hypocritical ass hat by the name of Colin Kaepernick. I have already spoken about Kaepernick and frankly I wish not to continue wasting my breath. Anyone with a brain can see he doesn’t know his facts, nor has a clue what he is talking about and that idiot is the core reason why all of this has been going on in the first place. So stop with the blaming Trump, Ok MSM ??[ That includes you too ESPN-BC ].

There was one particular uplifting moment when a player came out on his own to honor the flag. And you could see the people’s’ response to that, with his jersey jumping to overall #6 in the NFL overnight. Alejandro Villanueva DT for the Pittsburgh Steelers, despite the idiot Coach Tomlin and the rest of the team. The 3 time Iraq tour Army Veteran Alex Villanueva came out by himself hand over heart to honor our country and our military. Only to hear that he was forced to apologize for disrespecting his team?!?! WTF?

We know damn well Alex Villanueva was out there for the anthem because he knows what it is to actually earn the freedoms and rights that he and many brave others have fought and sacrificed for over the years. And how the military continues day in and day out to fight for our rights and protect our freedom. He has a little something called “Respect”. It makes me sick to know that either the NFL and/or the Pittsburgh Steelers forced him to apologize, for “disrespecting his team mates”. Are you kidding me? So I guess it’s better to disrespect your country and in his case fellow veterans? Hmmm…

How about this everybody. We should all be putting our country before a f***ing football team or any sports team! How about we put our country FIRST, not your party, our Country. It’s so bad now that an Illinois resident, who coaches young kids on a football team, has them kneeling and teaching them awful things. Making the kids think our country isn’t great, and that it’s a good thing to disrespect our flag because it’s “racist”. Poor kids are being brainwashed. That coach has got to go!

The Left and the NFL need to remember who protects their freedoms and rights and show some damn respect. The Left also needs to pipe down about free speech until they actually start protecting it in the real world! The NFL need to get their asses up literally and respect the flag. On the business end, NFL and other major sports will undoubtedly lose more than half of their fan base; Cancelled season tickets, cancellation of “NFL Sunday Ticket” and so on. Over 80% of the USA is on the Trump ship on this one. I’ve seen folks from all over the country condemning their now former sports teams, burning their NFL “gear” and doing so on the internet as well talking about why they’re doing it. And the number one reason whether it’s the guy that was a Packers fan or the woman who was a Pittsburgh fan, they said, ” You disrespect our nation, our flag, our military, and our anthem like that?” Well guess what,” Trump is right, I am done with you”. The flag and the National Anthem is one thing you do not disrespect!

Remember NFL and other Leftist pundits, what POTUS Trump said was not racially charged in any sense of the word until you geniuses made it a racially dividing issue. You only dumbed yourselves down more with your stupidity. The Left just doesn’t seem to understand, without a free nation we have nothing. Maybe that’s just what the Left wants.

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