Why the Alt-Left think they “Fight Fascism” with Fascism.

There is a great novel called “Liberal Fascism.” by Jonah Goldberg. It beautifully explains how people such as Hitler and Mussolini of the socialist-fascist past and how the Left in current day are still at it somewhat covertly, at least to the masses as many individuals simply don’t know what is going on in the Country, or the world. Now I am not posting this to praise or criticize the novel. I’m using it as a source of reference for anyone who wants to see said source to see the relation of the past and present with the Left and fascism.

Now, the obvious example today would be groups like Antifa and BLM. Now I will give credit to Nancy Pelosi for condemning Antifa for their violent and oppressive acts. From beating people over the head with pipes and bike locks, to M80’s and mace or pepper spray being used on anyone they deem a “Nazi”. Seems now a days anyone who disagrees with Leftist ideology is automatically a “Nazi” racist or white supremacist. Needless to say it’s time everyone to step up and do what is right and  necessary to stop them before more people are hurt. Lord knows many have already been physically injured, and some even killed.

The reason you don’t hear Leftist MSM breaking the news when Antifa shuts down a speech of a conservative, or violent protests in general is simple. They also go out of their way to label them as “peaceful activists”. Apparently,  they are only being violent and fascist because they are trying to “better the country.” Yeah right ! That was debunked the moment Leftists [ some if not many ILLEGAL immigrants ] aggressively, verbally going after Nancy Pelosi recently while giving a speech regarding DACA.

It was obvious as to why. She had a meeting with POTUS Trump. Oh no ! Now I am no fan of Nancy Pelosi and never will be. But it shows how bad these groups are getting. But remember, they are still majority Leftists folk in these groups. They call themselves Antifa, as in ” Anti-Fascist”, but they must not realize they are in fact the fascists. Black outfits and masks, oppression of people with differing view points. They will literally beat people and destroy buildings, businesses, private and public property if they don’t “approve” of what is said or done.

So how is it The Left continually refer to the GOP and POTUS as supremacists, fascists hate mongers, all the while doing everything within their power [ the Left ] to suppress free speech, opposing view points and frankly anything else under the sun that they don’t agree with. What happened to liberals fighting for the right of free speech ? That used to be a core liberal value. Not anymore. Apparently free speech that isn’t agreed with by the Left is deemed hate speech [ which isn’t a thing by the way ].

Anyways, to the point of why the Left thinks they are fighting fascism. It is mostly credited to Liberal mainstream media. They as I for mentioned, paint these groups as peaceful. When in fact it’s the complete opposite. And also the idiots on the Left that think they know what fascism really is, and the truth is they have no clue.

If they did, they would realize fascism over history has always been a Leftist ideology. You could argue as to European politics, it was a right-wing movement. But the ideologies and practices are identical to the West’s Left wing ideologies. The United States Left is nearing a complete socialist regime as they move farther to the left on politics. And as to Nazi’s, they would also be comparable to the Left. Most don’t even know that NAZI stood for “National Socialist Party”.

MSM with their lies and deception on POTUS Trump and his administration have painted him as a racist, homophobe, white supremacist new-age Hitler. Uh, no. Not one bit. Trump is a Conservative Populist. Barely even conservative. But that doesn’t matter. The Left stays in their “safe space bubble” of bullshit propaganda as they continue with these false narratives and only make matters worse.

I know I’ve gone a bit awry with this post, but the other points tie in to the point I am making. The Leftists groups named “Antifa” are supposedly doing what they’re doing to fight fascism. BLM is just as bad but the biggest problem with them is their own racist ideology against non-blacks, and let us not forget the killing of innocent police officers.

But how can it be true that Antifa and BLM groups are indeed fighting the supposed “Nazi fascists” when they are the ones in fact that are in uniform black outfits with masks, physically assaulting those with opposing view points, harassing and labeling people as racists, homophobes, sexists and so on? [ which in almost all cases are completely ridiculous and nonsensical ].

In conclusion, The ones claiming to be fighting fascism are in fact the actual Fascists. They’re the ones oppressing people. They are the ones stopping people’s First Amendment right to free speech and freedom of expression. They are no different from Mussolini’s Black shirts, or Hitler’s Brown shirts. If you know your history then you know what I am talking about with that reference. These idiots in Antifa don’t need to be attacking police, conservatives and free speech. They need to retake a history course and awaken to their hypocrisy. And from there, they can go back to smoking pot in their mom’s basement, jobless and idiotic. Do us all a favor, go the hell away and stay out of politics. You know not of what you say and do.


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