“Jemele Hill now getting political on Twitter, ESPN-BC at it again.”


I can’t say it enough. ESPN at this time is very much tossing themselves in to the liberal bias media. And like CNN, their ratings are in the toilet. ESPN choosing to embrace liberal politicizing of sports news is simply nonsensical. That in itself is wiping out more than half of their what could have been potential business.

They’ve [ As I’ve mentioned in previous posts ] been gradually putting themselves into the “Politisphere” unnecessarily I might add. Again with Bruce Jenner’s ESPY award, to Michael Sam playing football and being a hero because he likes men.[ He’s a gay man. ]

I believe he is a good person all the same, but I don’t see why you’re a hero because you’re who you are. And what makes Bruce [Katelyn] Jenner a hero for getting his jaw shaved down and getting a dress ? The answer is it doesn’t.

It’s nothing more than the political Left abusing powers, such as using other outlets like major sports stations owned by the same MSM folks. Intruding into what should be any man or woman’s escape from the craziness of politics to “take a breather” and so forth. Just relax and be entertained, well not anymore.

Latest with ESPN-BC as I now refer to them. Some have coined the term MS-ESPN. Lol either works. It gets the point across. We had the college football game in VA that was a story. Because ESPN decided Robert Lee, an asian man sharing only first and last names with the former confederate soldier Robert E. Lee, a white man from over a 100 years ago like people are really going to make that comparison. [ Please ].  Now that was silly enough. You also had ESPN talking about how it’s racist of the NFL to not give a job to the quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Really? Guy has millions of dollars, and without any facts to back himself up, sits during our nation’s anthem. Spitting into the face of all the brave individuals that fought to give him that freedom of expression !

So of course it doesn’t end there. Jemele Hill who has a show on ESPN2 I believe, decided to show her political views on Twitter by referring to our POTUS as a white supremacist, and how he surrounds himself with white supremacists. Oh also how Trump “empowers” white supremacists. Of course using Charlottesville which Trump had nothing to do with and condemned the actions of all sides involved that day as he should-be might I add. Give me a break Jemele.

How about some… I don’t know, facts to back up your baseless claims. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is for her and ESPN. ESPN responds that they’ve “Addressed it with Jemele.” Which means because they have the same Liberal bias, meaning they hate Donald Trump, therefore she’s off the hook . I suggest if ESPN wants to stay alive and keep their ratings from completely tanking, quit with the politics ! None of you should be injecting politics into sports stories. Not to mention, none of you know what you’re talking about. But if politics is what you want to discuss, find another show to do it on. It’s gotten absolutely ridiculous. Get back to sports and actually being entertaining.


Written by:

William J. Anderson-Noble

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