“US-doED & Trans-Politics, Parenting, Liberal bias teachers & Why ED should go back to State Level.”

My parents had no problem and came out just fine going through State funded, and controlled education systems. Ever since the Federal Government created the Department of Education and since they’ve stuck their dirty hands into the country’s educational system, things have only gone downhill.

Let’s fast forward to current day, or rather the last 5-10 years leading to this point in today’s society. It’s gotten insane. Kids being punished by teacher’s stating “you can’t wear a swastika in my class”. When in reality, the student had a shirt on with very small letters spelling “Trump.” Since when does Trump [ Last time I checked our POTUS ] equivocate to a swastika?

It doesn’t. Now, I know an anecdotal example won’t sell you. But I have much more to inform you of why the USdoED needs to go! We could go from the increased tax dollars being paid and the funds not going to the true needs of the students in the country, to students being brainwashed in a sense with false history being taught, “new math”, politicizing things such as school bathrooms and even punishing students just for having opposing views. i.e.- Professors oppressing students’ free speech which is their 1st Amendment right.

I know most have heard of the law that was introduced for gender neutral bathrooms at schools [ and public places as well ], But it is part of a bigger issue. Schools count on Federal funds and therefore have to pander to what the Fed USDoED requires of them. To be fair, teachers are just as guilty anymore. It’s mostly at University. However, we’ve noticed these liberal bias-United States hating professors have brought us new generations of USA hating individuals that are occupying our schools all the way down to middle schools. I am very Libertarian when it comes to education. Let it go back to the States!

As to the trans gender bathrooms, California is huge on this bill. Shocker! Most Leftist state in the union. Most insane as well if you ask me. But why are we bringing something like transgender issues to middle schools ? It’s only gotten worse, now parents are blocking hormones in boys and girls under the age of 12 for crying out loud. You can see there is a bit of a domino effect here.

Since when did children, especially under 12 years of age know what is best for them mentally, emotionally, and physically? I thought that is where the parents come in. I simply can’t grasp how parents these days are thinking, “Yea, my childs 9 years old and a biological boy, but he knows he’s a girl.” Or vice versa. We need to stop making this “OK” and get back to letting the parents do their jobs, and the parents not letting their 9-year-old make life changing decisions like that at such a young age. Better parenting, less politicizing in schools, fewer teachers with agendas, teach proper history and essential topics, and less if not a complete removal of the Federal Government in our Educational system.

That in itself could and would very likely save our future, and our future generations so we don’t end up in a country full of transgendered people and next thing almost half of the country is committing suicide.[ Sorry but trans suicide rate is over 40%, even after surgery.] Sorry I know that may have been a tad dramatic. That for now is as far as I will go with the trans issues tying into our school systems, and also how our parents need to do a better job with their kids and not encourage delusional behavior, or simply just kids that don’t know what they’re really doing to themselves. Doctors should be banned from even being allowed to insert hormone blockers in children anyways, but that’s another post.

As to the quality of education and bettering the job these teachers are doing, de-federalizing the educational system is the best option. They won’t have to pander to any Federal control, they can run a legitimate and prosperous school and educate the children properly. And any chances of politicized garbage such as political correctness on steroids would not be tolerated. [ Unless it’s in California anyway.]

When it was ran at the state level,  students were more prosperous in regards to advancement and graduation. They were more involved in extra curricular activities and overall had better civics and social skills. And I assure you, If someone was wearing a shirt with a small print of a United States’ President’s name on it, they wouldn’t be sent to the Principle for “wearing a swastika”. You wouldn’t have kids being graded lower for simply having a conservative view or opposing view. No more micro-aggressions, no more micro managed political correctness garbage. No more safe spaces.

Regardless of whether the US doED is still here or not, stick to teaching math, actual science & biology [ there are only two genders, sorry. ] , spelling, english, grammar and actual history. Maybe throw a trade in there; woodworking, mechanics, electrical, and so forth. Not a “math” class where they want to teach you about feelings, or political propaganda that has nothing to do with a marketing course.

It’s unfortunate but the truth is Universities are extremely to the Left. And they have future generations coming out of school dumber than when they went in, owing tens of thousands of dollars for their degree in Ancient Greek translation which will get them nowhere. We need to do away with tenure plain and simple. No educator should be “untouchable.”

And lastly but certainly not least. Brainwashing the students so much they have nothing but hatred for our United States when they enter the world, or liberal softies because of their pampering and safe spaces, and you get groups like Antifa. Oh yeah, fighting the Nazi’s. But I thought that was back in the 1930’s-1940’s? Not if you ask any of them! They don’t even know proper history, the Nazis have been long gone, and they were a Leftist, Socialist movement ! Idiots.

Keep the politics where they belong, and parents. Do a better job so your children aren’t being “parented” by these biased “educators”, and schools. Lastly without needing much to add, but our tax payer dollars would go down I think we would all like that. And at least we would know our taxes are going to the State in which we reside which of course would support our local schools within said States.

Stop trying to brainwash our students and keep your personal, liberal looney ideologies to yourself. Keep your politics out of the classroom period. Only time politics should come up if at all in funded schools is history. Parents do your job and stop allowing the Government to play the parent. And Schools, teachers. Stop oppressing our students, stop with the propaganda, stop trying to play mom and dad. Let’s get our country back on track.



-William J. Anderson-Noble





















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