“ESPN-BC?” Is ESPN Crossing the Line into Politics?”

For awhile now ESPN has certainly been more vocal in the political world. From the first openly gay man in the NFL draft, to Colin Kaepernicks need of a job in the NFL.[ Please. Man only signed recent years a contract for over a 100 million dollars.]

You had the ESPY’s and the courage award of the year. Continuing to use those channels and subjects as conduits to other political topics directly or indirectly.

But it’s no wonder everyone I hear including myself have grown tired of ESPN and their ways. Nothing but idiots politicking knowing nothing of what they discuss, and they’ve made it incredibly obvious to boot. Talking about whether Colin Kaepernick deserves a job in the NFL, and then racializing it. Because some how his not having a job is because he won’t stand for our National Anthem, because he’s black, the trend its become with other players in the league.

Because of how America’s not great. Didn’t you know? Slavery, Police violence against blacks [ Which isn’t remotely close to black on black crime, but they won’t tell you that.], systemic racism, unconcious bias, blah blah blah.

Move on! It’s been a very long time since we’ve had slavery, and as I mentioned police crime against blacks is not a high statistic, when you see all of the crime disproportionately committed by blacks,a lot of it to themselves . A lot of men died during the civil war, and the civil rights movement there were sacrifices made as well to get this country to where it is today and we can not forget this. We’ve progressed and can not allow regression. It’s our history that makes us so great.

And ESPN holding their ESPY awards, of course they pander to the LGBTQ_ _ _ _ [ who knows what the rest of that acronym is anymore.] community with Bruce now Caitlyn Jenner’s “courage” award woman of the year nonsense. I understand they have to be shocking and be “hip” and trendy and they want ratings. But is it really a good thing to celebrate someone with a mental disorder? There’s a reason the trans community has a suicide rate over 40 percent.[ just saying.]

Lastly, ESPN hit a new low. Richard Lee, mind you an asian man, analyst for ESPN was forcibly removed from calling a college game in VA because of the Charlottesville incident. They of course made excuses that it was better for Mr. Lee overall and he had the choice, though they made that choice for him. And why?

Because ESPN has overstepped their bounds sounding like idiots trying to [like the MSM] politicize anything possible and show their liberal bias as well as their ridiculous reporting, their lies and even punishing one of their own because “people could compare him to Robert E. Lee the Confederate soldier.”

I doubt it. An asian man in 2017 and a Confederate man from the Civil War? Just because they happen to share a first and last name? Please.

Robert E. Lee’s statue and its removal was the subject that began Charlottesville’s initial permitted protest. White nationalists among others were against its removal, while of course now, and it seems to be the trend by the Left; Removing any and all historical statues because they’re “racist”. Give me a break. How did this become such a problem when they’ve been there for decades without a peep?

We need to embrace our history good and bad. Learn it and remember it. It’s what shows how far we’ve come as a country and as a people.

If you don’t know your history, you are doomed to repeat it.


William J. Anderson-Noble

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