“SPLC Refuses to label Antifa Terrorists as a Hate Group.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently announced they were not going to label Antifa as a hate group. Now, I think at this point everyone knows about Antifa. It is meant to translate to “Anti-Fascist”. Only problem is, they’re increasingly violent, provocative, oppressive, and they’re officially a militant, terrorist group. Not to mention being funded by the disgusting George Soros [ in my opinion]. There was a leak that allegedly the SPLC has been sending millions to Cayman Banks. Interesting. What is a Non-Profit doing with over a quarter billion dollars? Crooked maybe? But they are still the “moral judge” of our country at the moment so again, why they need to label Antifa as a hate group.

We already know the SPLC has a Left bias, could even say they’re controlled by the Left. So I am going to concentrate more on this blog as to why Antifa is OBVIOUSLY a hate group, and the ridiculous Left along with their buddies in the MSM trying to paint them as “peace activists”. So peaceful!  They dress in all black with masks and weapons such as; Pipes, bats, mace, pepper spray, to disgusting acts like balloons and bottles full of feces and urine to throw on to innocent folks. Last time I checked, that isn’t very peaceful.

The reason for the lack of condemnation is simple. The Left has an agenda. That agenda is to disrupt POTUS Trump and his administration from accomplishing what he promised to the American people. And then to be able to paint him as a failure. No. We are not going to stand idle and let this continue. We need to continue to spread the word of logic and common sense and continue educating the masses in this fight to make our country great once again.

The Left simply wants control, and we can not allow them to succeed. We need less government if nothing else. Speaking of the Left, Nancy Pelosi finally condemned Antifa as she should. It’s about time someone from the DNC speak up and speak out against this terrorist hate group oppressing the American people. The rest of the Left need to step up and fall in line. These people are very polluted with fake narratives, and absolutely will not have any conversation to reach a civil discourse. When you go right to “you’re a racist.” You’ve ended the chance of conversation. Not to mention the hypocrisy. I feel they’ve lost grip on reality, frankly. Thanks CNN!

What it comes down to, is when you try to converse with someone on the far left and especially in these types of militant hate groups these days. All you get is screaming, yelling, refusal to have a conversation, ignore obvious facts, commit acts of violence against you, get labeled a Nazi or racist, or try to get you fired from your job even. Yes believe it or not that’s happening as well in this country. We’ll dive into that more another day. [Thanks political correctness.]

For now, let’s just pray that everyone will wake up and fully condemn ANY hate group for that matter that commits any violent acts whatsoever. But in particular, let’s stop masquerading a violent group of hatred such as Antifa and BLM for that matter as peace activists and let’s call it for what they are; A violent, far left wing nasty bunch of looney tunes that won’t listen to reason and are violent and hurting innocent Americans, destroying personal property, small businesses, and oppressing Constitutional rights. The Southern Poverty Law Center should do what is right and condemn Antifa and officially label them as they are, a hate group that needs to be stopped.


Written by:

William J. Anderson- Noble







5 thoughts on ““SPLC Refuses to label Antifa Terrorists as a Hate Group.”

    1. William J. Anderson

      Antifa and BLM members have already severly injured as well as killed cops. Very unfortunate. Antifa members are nothing but hypocritical facist-marxists.


  1. brazilblitz

    But who are the targets of antifa? If they attack an unprotected group they cannot be terrorists. white conservative males are not the same as blacks, white liberals, gays or women.


    1. thesuburbanblurb

      Antifa’s targets are any and all individuals that do not conform to their demands of leftist-Marxist and or Communist ideology. Anyone that doesn’t agree with them completely is a “Nazi”. It’s ridiculous that a lot of these members are teachers, teaching our kids to hate our country!


  2. thesuburbanblurb

    Antifa is committing violence, and when innocents are scared for their lives, being beaten down and innocent people’s small businesses being burned down and personal property demolished. Attacking cops.To me that’s terror, no matter how you try to shape it. A lot of them should be in jail.


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