“Chris Cuomo get’s Bitch-Slapped on National TV by KellyAnne Conway”


What I like to call, ” Chris Cuomo’s duh face”


I can’t lie. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Chris Cuomo’s stupid face when Kellyanne Conway destroyed him on his show on CNN recently. Of course, the Left was trying to yet again politicize something that didn’t need it, and there was certainly more to the incident that could have been discussed considering I am speaking to Hurricane Harvey. It recently hit the state of Texas, Houston in particular very hard and there are  massive floods. Thousands of homes destroyed.

Cuomo of course being with CNN tried to politicize Hurricane Harvey [ yes, believe it ] by conflating the topic of Climate Change. Of course with respect to POTUS Trump getting the United States out of that awful arrangement. But the Leftist Cuomo brings on the “Well, what was the cause of Hurricane Harvey….”. Of course implying that because we’ve pulled out of the Paris Accords we’re suffering a hurricane!?  Give me a break Chris. Ta;ling about climate change when you have thousands in trouble, dead, missing, homeless and hungry. Well Kellyanne responded as she should. ” Chris you can continue to play amateur climatologist and I’ll continue being a professional who is helping the American people in need.”

The look on Cuomo’s face was a great sight. He looked embarrassed, and it was clear he had no response to Kellyanne. Now, Kellyanne had her back and forth with Cuomo for a couple of moments preceding that, but it was definitely a win for Kellyanne in this interview. And yet another great failure by the Left and CNN.


Written by

William J. Anderson-Noble



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