“President Elect 2016”



Donald Trump is by NO means an experienced Politician, which rightfully scared many. But realize this is a good thing! He has said things years ago [ in the privacy of a bus ] that came off as piggish, and pompous. But he wasn’t wrong, let’s be honest. Men with money and power, fame always tend to get more attention from the ladies. All he meant was “they let you…” and it was taken out of context, not to mention it was from 2005. He was accused of insulting Mexicans, and even people with mental deficiencies . Yes, I know it is an awful thing. But, wait isn’t he right?

Of course he is, over 80% of illegal women crossing the border are raped by male illegals crossing the border, so they are rapists, drug dealers, murderers a large number of them. It’s simply less safe for us and the people trying to cross over. And as for the gentleman he “made fun of “, he didn’t for starters, he was mocking a flustered individual, he’s even mocked himself making the same exact gesture with his arms.

The reporter in question has a “gammy hand” as the Brits might say. Otherwise he is a regular dude, he sounds very intelligent and makes salient points. People don’t make fun of people like that, I don’t think even 8 year olds do. We are now all so worried about being “politically correct”. Everyone is so damn sensitive ! I say, grow a pair. [ Or get some backbone rather. ]

Trump has not been in politics for five, ten, twenty or more years. Nor been in public service for that matter. Though he employs hundreds if not thousands. He hasn’t been  groomed and controlled by people giving campaign donations or “pay for play”, nor the Elite aka the “Deep State”. And regarding things he has said, Trump actually thinks for himself. Which is why he says things time to time that some or even many find insulting. [ Though it is usually due to cherry picking by Leftist news stations.]

That is why I find it hilarious when I heard people trying to debate in favor of Hillary. All they could do is get angry and scream at people about how they’re racist, sexist, or a Nazi for supporting Trump. Not a single bit of fact, or common sense ! The mainstream media played a huge role in that respect as I mentioned, don’t you believe otherwise. Take CNN’s Chris Cuomo all but admitting they were trying to fix for her. “We did all we could”, implying they’ve done all they can to get Hillary elected. [We’ll dive more into the corruption of the MSM another time. ]

There is a reason Donald Trump is the 1st ever to win the Presidency while losing a major swing state. Because first off, swing states change. Trump ran a beautiful campaign and spoke to the American people and connected on the real issues and what we wanted to hear as priorities of our POTUS. The Elite as usual, select their champion before we even enter our votes. George Soros is famous for fixing elections and messing with Economies. Yes, sad but absolutely true. And the mainstream media shows you Hillary winning the popular vote. But this time it backfired !

Oh how so terribly wrong they all were. Check the facts, not the “Fakestream Media”. They all pander to the same master. They had you thinking Hillary was the guaranteed winner and easily winning the electoral vote even though Trump ultimately won the Electoral College, and more-less a 50/50 split on the popular vote respectively. [ 63+ million to 61 million. ]

Now that we know who our future leader will be. Let’s all just hope. Hope for the best, hope that Trump does in fact have our best interests at heart. Hope he has the right people around him. That he won’t submit to the Elites.

Special Interest groups always attack someone,  just like they will come after Trump. Once Trump shows that he IS and will remain to be a FREE thinker. And expose the bullshit propaganda of the MSM, expose the Elite and their agenda to disrupt Trump and his Administration in keeping his promises to the American people. The MSM’s social engineering and mind control that are already in effect in attacking Trump as this evil man. But they won’t stop him.

My biggest fear is that Trump does become the champion of the people, for the people, and by the people. And just like JFK, being taken out of the equation. Ultimately hearing that Donald passes in his sleep, killed by “terrorists” , or committed suicide.[ The media really like that excuse, just search any source “Deaths surrounding Hillary, or the Clinton’s” .] Because if Trump is the man we’ve needed, and God forbid something happens to him, Mike Pence would be the President. And that frankly scares me as Pence is a career politician. Let’s all pray for the best, and remember that no matter what, God will save those who accept him as their Lord and savior. God Bless you, and the United Sates of America.





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