“Eagles Season Slipped, Chip Dismissed.”


I’m back readers !

I apologize for the holiday, but I am back and  ready to start pushin’ out some articles on a few select topics. To  start, since it’s a hot topic as of late, is the firing of Head Coach Chip Kelly. When I had first heard, all I had to say was, “Woah.” Never did I expect that, especially before the end of the regular season. But can we blame Jeffrey Lurie for this move ?

Mr. Lurie could have waited one more week, one last game, so to not humilate the former College Football Coach. However, after the embarassment which was the loss at home to the Washington Redskins. We had lost all hope in a possible playoff appearance and division championship. Every time this year when it really counted, Chip and his Eagles only came through once, beating the then 10-0 New England Patriots in Foxborough. A game everyone expected the Eagles to lose without a doubt. But other than that and a decent win against Buffalo, the team let us all down every time it counted the most. Losing with 5 minutes remaining with a lead against Washington in game 1 of this season, that was a big chance for the defense to make a stop, and they couldn’t against Kirk friggen Cousins ! A pathetic defensive display, with no help from Coordinator Billy Davis, who I can assure you will likely be let go as well in the near future.

No, Mr. Lurie did not have to let Chip go when he chose to do so, but something must had happened, or been said. Whether it was something Chip directly said or did, or simply the way the team lost against Washington to keep Playoff hopes alive. Either way, Mr. Lurie obviously had his reason(s) to do what he did at the time he did it. Taking jabs at Chip with the “emotional intelligence”,and ” opening your heart” statements.

Unfortunately, after his press conference, not many are feeling too great about the Eagles front office, and are anxious of who will take Chip’s spot. As am I,  both worried and excited. Chip could have stayed around one more year, then at least we would know for sure if the man is capable of change, capable of smelling his own B.S., capable of empathy, capable of listening to his staff, players, and resources. Adjustments, and so forth. I would have liked to had that opportunity. But it’s over. I am hoping we get someone like Harbaugh or even a Dungi. Veteran championship winning coaches with ties to people in or just direct ties to Philadelphia. I also think having someone like Dick Vermeil as a consultant or some type of  liasion in the front office would be great for the the Eagles, but it certainly can NOT stand as is, with going back to Donahoe and Rosemund. Not good. I think Howie is OK. But OK does NOT win Super Bowls ! It does concern me Lurie’s loyalty to Rosemund. But we shall see what is to come of our Eagles. But one thing I do know, is if we keep Sam Bradford. I wonder how well he could do in a more “traditional” style NFL offense? As well as lining up under center and maybe some pistol formations so you’re not killing your QB, and maybe give our big free agent DeMarco Murray a chance at actual success ! Much to come Bird’s fans, watch out ! Poll question,


Did you want Chip Kelly fired?



Written By: William J. Anderson-Noble


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