Quick Pick On Eagles vs. Panthers

So, our Philadelphia Eagles take on the undefeated Carolina Panthers tonight. Another Premier evening game for our Eagles. And hopefully, another solid performance resulting in a victory. Our Eagles can certainly beat this Carolina team as long as they don’t beat themselves.

I say this with no hesitation because without a doubt, the Philadelphia Eagles though have won their last two games, have still left a lot of opportunities, as well as points on the field. Missed throws, turnovers, failed third down conversions, dropped balls, penalties.

Sam Bradford will need to be sharp tonight, throwing 5 interceptions in his last two outings, though not costing the Eagles per their stellar defensive play. But no team can count on that every game. The offense absolutely HAS to play more consistent. Sam Bradford I believe tonight if protected should have a solid outing. I am looking for maybe a 1 or 2 TD, 0 INT or 2 and 1 , 3 TD and 1 INT type outing { you get the idea }. One interception isn’t the end of the world if he is completing most of his passes, and converting important downs. But I do feel confident he will have a good game overall. Hopefully the offense as a whole will gel, and move smoothly and efficiently. With a complimentary running game from Murray, Mathews, and Sproles, at least one of the three star backs has to have a solid running game for the Eagles to be effective.

The defense, simply needs to just keep doing what they’ve been doing. DOMINATE. The front seven have been a force to reckon with, with Cox, Graham, and Vinny Curry rushing, look for them to go after Cam Newton most of this game. They showed last year if you get to Cam early he will get rattled. And just watch for Connor Barwin to “spy” Cam Newton for most of the game or until the Eagles get a lead. And of course always look for Lynch, Thurmond III, Jenkins, Carroll, and Maxwell to come up big throught this game as well

I think this game could be a grinder, with either team coming out a top the other 26-23. I do believe the Eagles win this game and hand Carolina their first loss of the season. If it is not a close match, I feel the Eagles running away with this game realistically say 37-17. Only time shall tell.

Written by:  William J. Anderson

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