Eagles Dominate Giants, Something for Fans to Count On.

Defense. One word that describes the Eagles latest success. Sure, they’ve put 39 and 27 points up offensively they’re last 2 games which were victories, [ With help by special teams and a pick six by the defense.] But we all know that 4 turnovers usually results in a loss. Our defense has been the primary part of this Eagles’ team that our fans can COUNT on.

They’ve been playing with a fire within them, playing in such a dominating fashion, forcing turnovers, stuffing the run. Timely big plays to get off the field. Rookies and second stringers playing like pro bowlers. Jordan Hicks for example, even Eric Rowe. Both rookies but not playing like it. Jordan Hicks in particular, Always around the ball, always making plays. Has assisted in, and also forced turnovers himself via the interception, or getting a good tip on a pass. Simply a great player for our Eagles.

And of course, we can’t forget about Domeco Ryans, EJ Biggers, our safety tandem in Jenkins and Thurmond III, right now seemingly a top 3 safety tandem in the

NFL. And then you have our defensive lineman. Graham, Cox, Curry, Thornton have all been beasts. Connor Barwin dominated against the Giants Monday night. Cox has been an animal this season, running over everyone in his path. He himself has forced fumbles, sacks, and simply puts a scare into every QB in this league. And rightly so. Any QB not fearing this man, better have good health coverage.

This Eagles team is thought of as an offensive minded team with Head Coach/GM Chip Kelly. And I do truly believe, soon enough Sam Bradford will get more acquainted with this offense, and knock off the last of his “rust”( one can hope ), and the interceptions will go down. Then we’ll  really see what the offense can do. But for now, this team has given us a defense allowing only 18 points a game, they’re almost invincible against the rush, and the front seven’s pressure on the opposing QB’s has assisted our secondary tremendously. Thought I see constant improvement by Nolan Carroll, Rowe, Biggers, etc. I need to see more out of Maxwell, but I believe he’ll come around. I am actually loving this team right now leaning on it’s defense. Actually being able to TRUST in this defense to get the job done. Reminds me of the good old days of the Eagles, when our defense was straight NASTY. That and a high potential offense, with an arsenal of offensive weapons though some injured for now. Should be a great team to watch these next 10 games.

Written by: William J. Anderson

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