Eagles get “Must-Win”, Roll over Saints.

I know I am behind it all, We have heard all the reviews radio, sports network and alike. Now for my post game review. I admit, I was hesitant to go bigger on the point difference for the Eagles-Saints game. I expected the Eagles’ offense to put over 30 points on the board, but had been disappointed before. So, I still picked the Birds, and predicted 30-20 over New Orleans.

Now, The Birds could have easily put up over 45 points in that game. Two key interceptions in the end zone of all places didn’t instill a lot of confidence in my prediction early. However, the Eagles were moving the ball very well between the 20’s on the ground and through the air. I knew if the defense held up, they would succeed.

I was correct on that prediction, I don’t know why, but I just had a gut feeling the Eagles were, and ARE better than we saw in the first four weeks, only going 1-3. I won’t be that guy that says,” A missed kick here, a catch there.” But, at the same time, Sturgis hit his kicks, except one extra point. The QB and receivers were in sync, and the offensive line played so much better than prior games this season. That made a huge difference in the outcome, time of possession, etc. Bradford showed his poise and ability to fight adversity after two early end zone picks, he stormed the Eagles offense back passing over 300 yds, and connecting for 2 TD’s. Murray and Mathews both with solid performances, and Sproles contributing as well. The ball was spread between all receivers and TE’s unlike the previous 4 games. That was a sight to see ! Also, Bradford has also shown that he can in fact throw a good accurate ball even when pressured, or on the move. Has to be a relief to Eagles’ fans. And Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly is the other factor. He called a good game, was conscious of the game/play clock. He won the time-of-possession battle, and ran the ball effectively. I was very impressed with his game calling and emotion. And Billy Davis’ job is secure, at least for now. Fletcher Cox is a big contributor to that, with a huge game beating up on Brees, forcing fumbles, bad throws. Lynch and Thurmond III with big plays once again. Not to “toot my own horn,” but I told everyone to look for these key factors, and so far it has come to fruition.

This defense has a phenomenal safety tandem in Jenkins and Thurmond III. A physical safety in Jenkins who always is around the ball, and a great sure-handed ball hawk cover safety in Thurmond III. I only hope this was more of the Eagles we are to see the rest of the season, and not just a win over a struggling New Orleans’ team.

Next week will tell a lot. The Eagles need a division win. They need to keep this momentum going as they face the best receiving core in the league.I see it a close game, but I lean to the Eagles. More to come for this match-up.

-William J. Anderson-

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