Why The Eagles need to win today, and why they should.

The Philadelphia Eagles, who most had picked as a favorite to make a Super Bowl run, have been nothing but a disappointment so far this season. However, this team is FILLED, with talent, and though it hasn’t shown, this team has given us flashes here and there which proves that it’s plausible they can turn things around.

In my humble opinion, if you utilize the pass scheme we saw in the second half vs. ATL, and the running scheme we saw vs. NYJ, there is NO reason, why this team should struggle to put over 20 points on the board or more today. Or every week for that  matter. Add in a couple bombs down the field to Agholor, who had that spectacular 45 yard one hander against Washington, and there you have it! An opposing defense has to respect you and stay honest at that point, where you should be able to keep up the run game at least enough, where we can sustain drives and put up points.

The defenses biggest issue IMO, being Billy Davis primarily, not giving safety help over the top (i.e. vs. ATL ) was bad enough, but to adjust and see improvements, take a LEAD against the Redskins last week, and then give up a five plus minute, game winning drive ending in a TD catch by Pierre Garcon, thrown by Kirk friggen’ Cousins of all QB’s, was just pathetic. This defense, though missing some star players, still have a solid DB in Lynch, Rowe has proven he can step up, Biggers and alike. Malcom Jenkins has been solid every minute of every game to this point, look to see Jenkins make a big play, hopefully an INT that isn’t simply dropped.

And lastly, third downs. This defense is more than capable of stopping a team on third down(s), but when Billy Davis calls a bonehead play, doesn’t do anything to adjust, goes right  back to the scheme that had gotten them beat before. There lies the issue. Billy Davis better get smart quick before he gets his ass fired! No excuse to not bring a pass rush even once until the last play against Washington last week. That was nothing short of pitiful. KIRK COUSINS ! He looked like Joe Montana against our Eagles defense in that last drive, and of course, the converted third downs, and there you have it. You’re welcome D.C.

Now for the Saints, yes they have a proven QB in Drew Brees. But let’s not forget, he does NOT have the weapons he used to…only averaging 6.8 YDS per pass this year. They do have a play-maker in C.J. Spiller, but though he is a threat, he is always an injury risk, the man is FRAIL. I see the Eagles running Murray early, but if this offensive line isn’t getting it done, or even if there are, my prediction is more Mathews and Sproles, they’ve both been more effective in this scheme than Murray, and not that it is a lack of skill by Murray, but unfortunately getting the one cut runner hasn’t panned out for Coach Kelly with the inconsistency and poor play by the O-Line,  with the rmost O-line issues being with the run game. The offensive line needs to get those A and B gaps open, even just enough for the backs to get through the initial line of defense, and from there any of our three HB’s can break one. And look to see Bradford move a little more within the pocket, maybe some roll outs, play action…screens and wheel routes to Sproles, Murray, Mathews…I HOPE to even see maybe a drag route to Agholor who we all know is a master of agility and making defenders miss in space. This game is certainly scary for both teams, and their respective fan bases. But IMO, the Eagles are the better team, I say go hard at Brees, the Saints starting left guard today is a rookie, his 1st start. So attack Brees hard, and with his shoulder injury and lack of height, the Eagles should be successful, I see at least one pick by ball hawk Walter Thurmond III, and maybe some tipped passes against Brees. Looks to be a great game either way, whether is a 37-30 type shootout, or 23-10, I sincerely believe this is the game for the Eagles to bounce back, and give us more than just a half of good football. As we chomp our nails to the bone, only time shall tell.

My prediction:

Eagles 30- Saints 20

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